We pray that we exhibit the fruit of PEACE. Divine Spirit. When we practice these 12 fruits, or virtues, we allow the grace of the Holy Spirit to be active in our lives. ( Ephesians 4:32 ). I pray for his/her continual faithfulness to you, Lord, that ___________may continue to trust you unwaveringly and be able to receive what you have promised. as benefits Your temple, Fruits of the Spirit. Humility 9. David wrote “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life” (Psalm 23:6). 52. Fill ________________with your Spirit, Lord, so that he/she will bear the fruit of peace in all his/her relationships and responsibilities. Yes, the joy of the Lord is our strength, because His joy is not based on external circumstances. Lord. so that having by Your assistance google_ad_width = 728; on the Word of God; All of these characteristics are attributes of God himself, manifested in Christ, and given to us through the Holy Spirit. the fruit of LONGANIMITY, Joy. /* cindy 728x90 */ Through your grace, Lord, help __________to be like you, Lord – always be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving and affectionate towards others with brotherly love. In your presence, Lord there is fullness of joy, and I thank you for filling ___________ with all joy and peace in believing . Kindness 6. Patience stemming from faith enables us to inherit the wonderful promises of God. Thank you Lord for giving him/her a merry heart. Thank you, Father, You are __________exceeding joy. //-->. Many people can live “good” lives by society’s standards, but to have the goodness of Christ himself is to have the ability to show goodness even to those who don’t deserve it, to react with goodness to those who hurt us, in order to reflect God’s goodness like a light shining in the darkness . Give him/her a cheerful countenance which will help others to see your joy reflected in his/her life. When the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us :………patience. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Your amazing love for us was manifested when you sent your only begotten son into the world so that we would be able to live through Him. There is so much in the world that can tempt him/her, make him/her angry, or cause him/her to lash out in frustration and anger. A simple definition is given and the reminder of where to find this truth of the faith in the Bible (Galatians 5:22-23) is … In a very real sense, without self-control, it is very difficult to have the other eight fruit of the Spirit growing in our lives. 7:14) – "You will see that in prayer you will find more knowledge, more light, more strength, more grace and virtue than you could ever achieve by reading many books, or by great studies. that we may subdue every rising of ill temper, Give __________the fruit of gentleness so that he/she can look forward to receiving the blessings you have promised for those who are gentle and humble. At times, we will face conflict, but the Holy Spirit can still cause the fruit of peace to ripen and make us receive that inner peace, the “peace of mind and heart” that Jesus promised. In other words, the fruits of the Holy Spirit are works that we can perform only with the aid of the Holy Spirit. We need to pray that we and our children we always stay close to the Lord. Prayers will help to soften the rough spots in our hearts, for smoothing the rough road of a difficult situation we are facing as the spirit develops these fruits in our lives. Not as the world gives do I give to you. The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit will come into our lives and produce fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control in us. And it overflows in our love for ourselves and our neighbors for God’s sake. If one does not know Jesus, and has not accepted Him as our Lord and Savior, then that person will not have the Holy Spirit within, and consequently, they won’t have any of the fruits of the Spirit. 10. This kind of self-control is possible through the power of the Holy Spirit only. the fruit of MILDNESS, Perfect _________ in Your love and fill him/her with greater gentleness and tender mercies. and the fruits of CONTINENCE and CHASTITY, The joy that is part … So as these fruits grow in us, we will become more Christ like. God promises to bless those who are gentle and humble. I pray that temperance and self-control abide in ___________ always so that all his/her ways may be pleasing to you. Lord, I pray that __________ will rest in you and wait patiently for you, because he/she know that those who wait upon you will inherit the earth. As ___________lives in this human body, help him/her to exercise greater sel-control in order to keep his/her “old nature” in check. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. He/she needs patience to await your timing in his/her life. So by their fruits you will know them.”-Matthew 7:17-20 Because you have justified ____________through faith, he/she now have peace with you, Lord, .I pray that ___________ will always experience peace of mind and heart. Lord, may _____________ always walk in your strength, be sound in your love, sober minded, patient and of good behaviour. The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit 1) Charity. Saved from media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com. Self-control, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, gives us the proper responses to react in a Christlike manner even when we are provoked. …"If My people who bear My name, humble themselves and pray and seek My presence and turn from their wicked ways, I Myself will hear from Heaven and forgive their sins…" (2 Chron. that we may order our exterior regularly; But that was exactly what you did when you died for us on the cross. Goodness 7. The divine promise remains true : “The Lord will bless his people with peace” (Psalm 29:11). You designed me to bear fruits of righteousness, love, peace, joy, gentleness, self-control, goodness, patience, and kindness. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us, “The Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control.” You may have heard about the fruit of the Spirit and wondered what it is and how it relates to our Christian faith. When the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this fruit of love in us. Therefore, _____________will continually praise you. The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit Traditional 1. I pray that goodness will guide his/her actions and reactions throughout his/her life. Creator Spirit, (Galatians 5:22) 53. the 12 (9) fruits of the holy spirit Collectively, the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are blessings that all Catholics should be producing as manifestation of a transformed life in Jesus Christ. Divine Spirit, Thank you, Lord for your joy which is __________strength. We pray that we exhibit the fruit of Holy Spirit during this time of uncertainty. Lord, cause your joy to grow and overflow in __________life. Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. 8:10). I pray that if ____________will to marry, Lord, no temptation will entice him/her away and that the fruit of faithfulness will keep him/her committed to his/her spouse. Dear Holy Spirit, baptise me with the spiritual fruit of faith in Jesus name. graciously impart to us Cover me under Your precious blood, so that Your fruits would allow me to withstand the works of the devil. Therefore, we need to exercise control over our minds, our attitudes, our behaviours, our finances, our families, our possessions, our bodies, and our likings. I ask that the Holy Spirit will produce the fruit of goodness in _____________life. O Bounteous Spirit, I ask you to bring forth in my life your fruits: the fruit of love, so I may love you above all things and all others for your sake; the fruit of joy, that I may find my delight in your service; the fruit of peace, that I may be pardoned through your mercy and may rest in your love; the fruit … But when it comes to the fruits of the Spirit, the key to remember here is that those fruits are attained when we have the Spirit indwelt within us. Instead through the strength that you have given him/her, he /she will take charge of them. Peace 4. Fruits of the Spirit Prayer for Love. You promise that the Holy Spirit in our life will produce the fruit of peace. and the fruit of PATIENCE, Young Catholics Will Find the 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit Learning Card Helpful. preserved our hearts pure on earth, Lord, may I look to your love as a guide to love others. PRAYER FOR THE TWELVE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 11. Most translations of the above passage only list nine fruits, while the Latin Vulgate provides a list of 12 fruits, adding modesty, generosity, and chastity. Faith. kindly bestow on us He says our relationship with him will give us overwhelming joy, overflowing joy. As he/she do so, your peace, which surpasses all understanding, will guard his/her heart and mind through Christ Jesus and he/she will rest in that peace in Christ Jesus. _________will ever seek you as he/she hope in you and wait patiently for you. Through the blood of Jesus Christ. When we do, we will know joy without bounds, joy in difficult situations, joy that brings light into even the dark places. Holy Spirit let me show kindness. (1) The Fruit Of Love You promise that if we live in you and you live in us, we will live in love. A novena is nine days of prayer. I pray that __________will not be among those who are rebellious, envious, bitter, angry, revengeful and vain glorious. Holy Spirit, Posted by prayers4reparation on March 1, 2014 in Prayers for Ordinary Time, Tags: benignity, Charity, chastity, christianity, continence, fidelity, fruits, goodness, Holy Spirit, Joy, longanimity, mildness, modesty, patience, peace. I pray that Lord you will grow the fruit of patience, perseverance, long-suffering in _________life. This is true love, Lord, not that we loved you, but that you loved us first, and you sent your Son to be a sacrifice for our sins. that we may not be discouraged by delay Please give him/her the strength he/she needs so that he/she will respond properly. We know that nothing will happen to ________ that is not permitted within the scope of your love. Thank you , Lord for enabling ___________ to practice self-control. the fruit of FIDELITY, I pray that ______________ may never be cut off from you. and repress the susceptibilities of our nature We are merely stewards over everything God has given to us. Dear Holy Spirit, baptise me with the spiritual fruit of goodness in Jesus name. Thank you that you have called us into fellowship with Your Son, Jesus Christ who is our merciful and faithful High Priest. Jun 23, 2016 - The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit infographic: Just so, every good tree bears good fruit, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit. Lord, your word says that those who act on the goodness you give them and don’t get discourage or give up will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time. Make __________ a strong and fortified city able to withstand the assaults that come his/her way. You will discover that in prayer God communicates to you the light, strength and grace you need…" (Sr Lucia dos Santos), ST DAVID’S DAY, BIBLE READING (PHILIPPIANS 3:8-14), 1st JANUARY, GOSPEL READING (LUKE 2:16-21), THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD, GOSPEL READING (LUKE 2:1-14), Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Graces Before/After Meals, Practical Spiritual Advice for Daily Living, Prayers addressed to God the Father through Christ, Prayers for Family Problems and Modern Day Problems, Prayers for Holy Communion and Confession, Prayers for Priests, Vocations and Religious Orders, Prayers for Work, Employment and Business, Prayers to Bless and Protect Your Family and Home, Prayers to Say "Thank You" for Graces Received, Protection Prayers for Driving, Cars and Travel, The salvation history of all men as revealed in the Bible, What does Heaven look like? Kindness is able to dry a tear and mend a broken heart. Great is your faithfulness Lord, you are faithful and just and you forgive all our sins and unrighteousness as we confess and repent. Therefore, we should love one another. that we may be filled with holy consolation; His joy is never ending. The Holy Spirit has infused us with the capacity for love. Prayer for the Fruit of the Spirit A Prayer To Bear Fruit. Thanking you Lord that you took away our condemnation, and fill us with overwhelming joy. I (John 4:18), “The joy of the Lord is our strength” ( Neh. May his/her heart be clean and pure so that peace can rule. One of God’s attributes is goodness. Thank you Lord that your word brings great peace to our soul. And Jesus himself said, “ Only God is good ” (Matthew 19:17). As we grow in the knowledge and love of God under the direction of the Holy Spirit, our service becomes more sincere and generous, the practice of virtue more perfect. In God’s perspective those who are gentle will receive everything- the whole earth – referring to the future inheritance of God’s Kingdom. The presence of these fruits is an indication that the Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian believer. Thank You for dealing with your people gently, even though you are sovereign, supreme, holy and just. As he/she develops and strengthens in his/her faith and in principled beliefs regarding other matters, please grow the fruit of gentleness in his/her life. Therefore, teach us to love others as you have loved us. In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount he told his followers, “God blesses those who are gentle and lowly, for the whole earth will belong to them”. WHAT ARE THE 12 FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT? Fill __________ with your abundant love, so that it will overflow to others just like other people love flow to him/her. ___________ has received your love Lord and he/she will love others as you love him/her. Prayer for the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit. I pray that he/she will be faithful at school, at work, no matter how small, trival or unimportant the matter may seem. Thank You for engrafting me in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit as a branch. Help us not to grumble and complain like the Israelites did as they passed through the wilderness. PRAYER FOR THE TWELVE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Holy Spirit, eternal Love of the Father and the Son, kindly bestow on us the fruit of CHARITY, that we may be united to You by Divine love; the fruit of JOY, that we may be filled with holy consolation; the fruit of PEACE, that we… For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. This inner peace reveals a trust in God’s goodness and sovereignty even in the most “unpeaceful” situations. “If we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ ” ( Hebrew 3;14). Dear Holy Spirit, baptise me with the spiritual fruit of meekness in Jesus name. the fruit of JOY, 1 Corinthian 12:2-11. Patience 5. Faith- This is at the center of Christianity. Whatever situations _______________ faces, may your precious peace keep him/her from being troubled and worried. Lead me, Oh Lord, in a plain path. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5295021553406291"; Charity 2. _________ has received the joy of the Lord that is his/her strength and no one can take it away from him/her. Jesus is stating that his Word brings joy to us, and the outgrowth of joy in our lives is that we will love others in the same way He has loved us. that we may keep our bodies in such holiness Because you have given _________peace, he/she will not worry, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, he/she will bring his/her requests before you. I am thankful that your fruit will keep ______________ trusting firmly in You until the end, that he/she will be known as a faithful person, one who is trustworthy, dependable, reliable and who keeps his/her word. Thank you for commending your love toward us while we were yet a sinner, Christ died for us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit perfect the supernatural virtues by enabling us to practice them with greater docility to divine inspiration. to see God eternally Faithfulness begins with the little thing, then God will entrust us with greater responsibility for building his Kingdom. God took the initiative in meeting us at our point of greatest need –salvation – so we should take the initiative in meeting the needs of others. Lord, it is easy to be kind to those who are kind to us, but it is not easy to be kind to those who are self-absorbed and unkind. Patience, in biblical sense, is waiting on the Lord. I pray that ___________ will trust you with patience and endurance, and look forward with unwavering faith to all that you have promised him/her. The fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness. PRAYERS AND DEVOTIONS TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Fruits of the Holy Spirit. but may persevere in prayer; Thank You Lord that it is your kindness that will help ___________to forgive and forget faster and be more loving to all others around him/her. that we may be united to You by Divine love; A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit. 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit. In this series, each fruit will be explored and related to our everyday lives. Lord, fill ___________ with your goodness. Let him/her be able to endure without complaint and grumble at the weaknesses and shortcomings of others. ” (Isaiah 26:3). Thank You Father, that you are so faithful and full of grace. Key Promise: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. “Just so, every good tree bears good fruit, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit. Never consider as wasted the time you spend in prayer. Prayer suppresses anger. Thank you Lord that you are patient , loving and longsuffering towards __________because you do not want _________ to perish. ( Hebrew 10:36 ). Prayer for the Twelve Fruits of the Spirit Holy Spirit. Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Lord, you are LOVE. Thank you Lord for your peace that has set ____________heart free from trouble and he will never be afraid again. The more they seek You, they will definitely find You.